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Kitchen Cabinet Painting, Refinishing, And Remodeling At Its Best In Calgary

Decades ago, the kitchen was hidden in the back of the house. It was a place where meals were prepared, and dirty dishes washed. Today, the kitchen is the home’s focal point, bringing everyone together at the start or after a long, busy day. This is why more and more homeowners in Calgary are investing in their kitchens. Cabinet Painters Calgary provides top-notch kitchen cabinet painting and remodelling services in Calgary.

Whether you need kitchen cabinet refinishing or renovation, give Cabinet Painters Calgary a call, and we will discuss your project.

Why Pay For An Expensive Kitchen Remodeling In Calgary?

Are you terrified of looking at your old Golden Oak or dark-stained wood cabinets? Painting your kitchen cabinets is an affordable alternative to replacing them, and choosing the right colour can transform your kitchen. Sure, you could do it yourself. This is not a simple weekend remodel. Several preparatory steps need to get optimum results.

Our proven Calgary kitchen cabinet refinishing process involves multiple steps to strip, tape, mask, prime and spray-applying new colour industrial lacquer. This system creates a beautiful, new, durable look that lasts up to 10-15 years. You can also install new decorative hardware or crown moulding to further update your cabinets’ look.

Multilayer Lacquer Spray The Best Cabinet Refinishing System In Calgary

With our four decades of industry experience we understand the chemistry behind lacquer. We know the process of how to get that lasting, chip and humidity-resistant bond needed in high moisture areas like kitchens. We provide both off-site and on-site fine finish spray painting services using airless and HVLP sprayers.

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We are experts in providing high-quality Kitchen Cabinet Spray Painting, Kitchen Cupboard Painting and Kitchen Cabinet Refinishing services in Calgary and surrounding areas. Cabinet refinishing in Calgary will improve the appearance of your kitchen. Renovates your home without disrupting your lifestyle, and contribute to the development of a lovely space. Refinishing your cabinets rather than buying new ones is the ideal option if they are structurally in good shape. Refinishing your cabinets in Calgary is one of the most cost-effective options to update your kitchen. It allows you to re purpose outdated cabinets that are still functional but aren’t the right color. Refinishing cabinets in Calgary entails removing the old paint, washing and sanding the surface, and then applying our industrial lacquer coatings. This is an investment that will increase the value of your home


If you’ve ever painted cabinets, you know that it can be difficult to get a smooth finish. At Cabinet Painters Calgary we offer one the smoothest cabinet finishes in Calgary. How do we achieve this? By following these simple steps:

Because painting around hardware will result in a drippy, ugly paint job, the first step is to remove the doors and shelves from your cabinets. After this we’ll clean them to remove all of the grease, dust and food particles that might be stuck to their surface. We’ll then fill holes and scratches with high-quality filler. This is the most important step to ensure a smooth finish so we’re always as thorough as possible at this stage of the cabinet refinishing.

The next step is sanding all the surfaces. We’ll smooth the wood filler along with any other raised imperfections on your cabinets. In addition, we will be removing the original finish. A slick, smooth varnish or glaze will prevent the paint from adhering effectively to the wood. After we apply the primer, we’ll sand it again. We then apply our KCMA approved industrial lacquer top coats for that smooth, lasting finish
When it comes to Cabinet Refinishing Calgary, we’re probably one of the most dynamic and passionate company in Calgary. Our cabinet experts will love to see the look of your Cabinets improve and can’t wait to make your dream kitchen to become reality. If you’re ready to make a difference, don’t wait. We offer free estimates in Calgary and would be pleased to hear about your kitchen project. Let’s work together and create what you’ve always been dreaming about today!

Our experience Refinishing Cabinets in Calgary and our promise of excellence

At Cabinet Painters Calgary, our Kitchen Cabinet Painting and our Cabinet Refinishing Services are more than just aesthetic touch ups in your kitchen. These services are a promise of excellence. Promise that your kitchen will be more beautiful than ever. Our long lasting lacquer paint coats will give your cabinets a finish that won’t lose its beauty any time soon.

We provide Cabinet Refinishing Calgary service based on our mission of providing every client with an inexpensive fine finish and a personal touch with a smile, not on the size of their budget. From prep to finish, our approach takes use of innovative paint technology, while also including the latest in ecologically friendly supplies and cutting-edge processes.

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Cabinet Painters Calgary is ready to address your kitchen cabinet painting, refinishing, and remodelling needs. Call us Today!

Cabinet Refinishing FAQ

Cabinet refinishing is much more than just DIY painting your dated kitchen cabinets. You will get a more modernized kitchen without breaking the bank if you hire professional cabinet refinishers like Cabinet Painters Calgary.

Cabinet Refacing in Calgary is a process of entirely removing your cabinet doors and installing new ones. As you can expect, it is a more expensive option than cabinet refinishing that involves applying industry-standard lacquer for a fresher look.

The cost of cabinet refinishing can vary from $1000 to $5000. However, you can get so much value without breaking the bank if you opt for the professional team of Cabinet Painters Calgary.

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Benefits To Painting Your Kitchen Cabinets