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Cost-Effective And Reliable Wall Painting In Calgary

Looking for painting services near you? Cabinet Painters Calgary should be your top choice for challenging jobs like kitchen wall painting!

There is nothing quite like a fresh coat of wall paint. Now that we have updated your cabinets, choose our painting services to brighten up the walls and the ceiling with a modern colour that compliments your newly refinished cabinets. While kitchen areas can be more challenging for wall painting than open rooms with fewer obstacles to work around, it is easier and more economical to paint them after the cabinet painting is done.

We Choose The Best Wall Paint Options

Cabinet Painters Calgary uses Sherwin Williams quality paint products in all our Interior painting projects. We will first wash the kitchen walls where needed. Then patch any defects on the walls. Prime the first coat over patching and pole sand the walls. Two coats of acrylic enamel paint are then applied.

Interior Painting

Top-Notch Wall Painting Services In Calgary

No matter what room you want to refresh-kitchen, bathroom, family room, bedroom, etc. we can provide you with high-quality Calgary Interior painting services at an affordable price.

Contact us today to request a free estimate on your interior painting project!

Things To Know About Interior Painting

Despite seeming simple, interior house painting could be more intuitive.

Apply these ideas to your upcoming interior painting project to get a smooth, more appealing result.

Don't Forget To Prime The Walls

Some wall paints already have mixed primer, while others do not. Before purchasing paint, ask your paint store for the specifics on whether it is pre-mixed. If the paint isn’t mixed with a primer, you must first prime the walls to hide any stains, chips, holes, cracks, and colours that may already be present.

Try Latex Wall Painting Services

These paints are water-based. Although you can use these paints on exterior walls, they work best on interior walls. They are an excellent choice for painting indoors due to their unmatched colour retention, quick drying time, and environmental friendliness.

Prep The Room First

It is perfect if you have yet to move into your home or if you have yet to start your interior design projects. Cabinet Painters Calgary advises completing everything before beginning the home painting procedure. This entails moving furniture away from the walls and covering it with plastic.

A Larger Quantity Is Better

Even when a painter uses the same colour on all the walls, the intensity of the colour can vary. This is due to paint tins needing to be uniformly mixed. The painter should transfer all the paint to a larger bucket and stir everything together for a smooth, uniform, and more consistent colour.

Cabinet Painters Calgary is ready to address your interior wall painting, kitchen cabinet refinishing, and countertop installation needs.

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Wall Paint FAQ

You may pay $3-$5 per square foot for kitchen wall painting. The cost can vary according to the amount of time the wall paint project needs because painting kitchen walls can sometimes be challenging.
From oil-based paints to latex wall paint, you can have countless options. Cabinet Painters Calgary chooses the best Sherwin Williams quality paint because we believe in excellence.
Wall painting should be easy, and you can do it yourself, right? Think again because almost all DIY wall painters spend more on repairs. That is why you should always choose award-winning Cabinet Painters Calgary.