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Warranty - Cabinet Painters Calgary


We believe that success is only achieved when the customer is 100% satisfied with their results. Therefore, after each kitchen cabinet painting project, we go over our work with the client. If there are any imperfections or the client is dissatisfied, we immediately rectify the issue.

We are so confident in our cabinet refinishing system that we Guarantee lacquer coatings and labor for 2 Years. Our mission is to create a non-compromise cabinet refinishing solution that will blow away professionals within the home renovation industry.

Warranty - Cabinet Painters Calgary

Our Cabinet Painting Warranty Details

IMPORTANT: Please note that this Warranty is not transferable.

Cabinet Painters will repair, at their expense, areas where peeling, flaking or blistering has occurred. Scratches, dents, heat damage, excessive grease, or large chips caused due to negligence are not covered. Even though your painted cabinets are highly durable, they are obviously not 100% scratch-resistant. The 2 – Years Warranty is for sprayed cabinets; this means that Cabinet Painters Calgary will re-spray doors, drawers, and items that can be brought back to our spray shop. This Warranty will not cover un-removable cabinet frames.

Cabinet Painters Calgary are not responsible for any pre-existing workmanship or physical defects before picking said items. This includes but is not limited to Dings, Dents, Scratches, over-sanding, under-sanding, machine marks, wood chip out, knots, type of material used in construction, quality of assembly, and anything else it relates to the expansion & contraction of various woods.

Wood panel doors expand and contract over time due to changes in humidity. Sometimes hairline cracks can develop where the doors are glued together. Since this is a natural occurrence, our Warranty does not cover this.

Warranty Does Not Cover:

Caulking – Previously painted cabinets – Areas expressly stated in other Warranty details as impossible to guarantee – areas with a moisture problem or areas where moisture pools on the surface. – Mold or fungus that results from environmental causes – Plastic surfaces & galvanized metal – Mildew (caused by moisture accumulation) – Rotten wood – Regular wear and tear from daily use – Surfaces contaminated by chemicals, foods, grease, ink, or any item or liquid that may have penetrated the current finish and/or reached the wood or material. This can shorten the lifespan of a newly sprayed finish.