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Kitchen, the heart of the home.

The kitchen is often called the heart of the home, and for good reason. This high-traffic zone has evolved from a utilitarian workspace, once hidden away from the rest of the house, into a place to connect with family, share informal meals and even entertain guests. The kitchen has become the most likely area for the family to catch up and hang out and for those after-school snacks, intimate weeknight meals, elaborate holiday potlucks…etc. Kitchen has taken over those ‘traditional’ family spaces, such as the living room and dining room.

Kitchens are now set up to cater for several people. From bar seating to large working spaces such as kitchen islands, versatility has become the watchword of the modern kitchen space.

That versatility means that, more and more, kitchens are evolving spaces. Kitchens can be used to work in, cook in, meet in, or entertain it. What’s more the space can be adapted to meet the needs of the homeowner.

We spend most of our time in the kitchen so consider it the heart of your home. No wonder you must be looking for Cabinet Painters Calgary for your dated kitchen! You can trust our decades of industry experience for your entire kitchen remodel. Cabinet Painters Calgary provides highly professional kitchen cabinet painting in Calgary, loaded with essential skills to transform your dated kitchen into a modern family space.

Why Do You Need Kitchen Cabinet Painting And Remodeling Services In Calgary?

Who wants to invite guests into an outdated kitchen with colors that scream out their decade? Or have good memories marred by a lackluster backdrop?

Cabinet Painters Calgary can help you bring your dated kitchen into 2023 without the cost, mess, and stress of gutting your space!

Our cabinet painting Calgary team specializes in complete kitchen makeovers on schedule and at highly competitive rates.

Cut out the middleman and let us take over your entire kitchen remodel.

Many Benefits Of Hiring Cabinet Painters Calgary

We can install new countertops, sink/faucet, backsplash, pulls, soft close hinges, and drawer boxes. We can also make minor modifications to your existing cabinets, install/ remove trim, glass swap, add to existing, etc…… Our industrial spray lacquer Cabinet Refinishing Process takes less than two weeks to complete and costs just a fraction of the new cabinets.

Our Cabinet Refinishing Process Is Unmatched.

The result is a factory finish that looks and feels like new. Our industrial lacquers are available in hundreds of colours. Our Cabinet Refinishing Process requires NO demolition and NO need to empty a single cabinet. We’re so confident in our Cabinet Refinishing Process and products that we guarantee the lacquer coatings and labor for 2 – Years.

Visit our warranty page for full details!

Your search for trustworthy cabinet painting services ends here if you’ve been searching for “cabinet painting near me.” As one of Calgary’s most trusted cabinet painting companies, our mission is to create a no-compromise Cabinet Refinishing and Kitchen Remodel solution that would blow away professionals within the home renovation industry

Our Cabinet Painting Services

Cabinet Painters Calgary should be your all-service Calgary house painters. We provide Cabinet RefinishingModern CountertopsFresh BacksplashSoft-Close Drawers and DoorsFaucets and SinksWall Paint, and other cabinet painting services; you name it. For your complete kitchen makeover, you can trust Cabinet Painters Calgary’s four decades of industry experience.

Cabinet Refinishing

Cabinet Refinishing

Our European industrial lacquer spray coating system will transform your old cabinets to look and feel like new in less than two weeks. Your cabinets will get a long-lasting durable factory finish, and we also offer a 2-year warranty with our cabinet painting Calgary services. Your family events will have more sparkle with professionally lacquer-finished cabinets and significantly improve your home’s curb appeal. Your newly Refinished Cabinets will also look and feel like new, adding to your home’s value.

Modern Countertops

Modern Countertops

Kitchen countertops must be durable, attractive, and easy to clean and maintain. While many countertop materials hit only a few positive points, quartz and granite countertops hit them all. We’ll remove your current countertops and Install new countertops of your choice offered by some of the best local counter experts. Cabinet Painters Calgary is the trusted name in this area, and we always strive to exceed your expectations.

Fresh Backsplash

Fresh Backsplash

We’ll remove your existing backsplash and install a new backsplash of your choice. Quartz is a beautiful, most popular backsplash material for 2023. Instead of mosaic tile, the sheet backsplash features a large, continuous slab for a sleek, modern look and, unlike tile, has no grout lines or multiple seams. Clean and straight lines and neutral colour schemes are used in modern kitchen backsplashes. Geometrical tiles like hexagons or triangles deliver a modern vibe!

Soft-close Drawer and Doors

Soft-close Drawer and Doors

We can build new drawer boxes or add soft-close hardware to almost any existing drawer or door, so cupboards never bang shut again. It will prevent unnecessary friction on the railings, and the product will be longer-lasting. Cost-effectiveness is our priority. You can complement the style with our cabinet painting Calgary services.

Faucet and Sink

Faucet and Sink

Most hard-working features in a kitchen, your sink and faucet should be both functional and reflective of your kitchen’s style. Undermount sinks are the most popular and are installed below the countertop surface. Because they’re installed from below, under-mount sinks create a seamless look in a kitchen workspace.

Wall Paint

Wall Paint

There’s nothing quite like a fresh coat of paint! Once you’ve updated your kitchen, let us brighten up your space with a tone that compliments your new, modern space. Compliment your freshly painted walls with cabinet refinishing and cupboard painting. A complete transformation in affordable cabinet painting Calgary cost!

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Why Cabinet Painters Calgary Should Be Your Top Choice?

Having spent several decades in the residential and architectural millwork industry, the founder of Cabinet Painters Calgary, Paul Kangas, witnessed hundreds of beautiful but outdated kitchens demolished to accommodate newer, more contemporary styles. Often, these cabinets being destroyed were constructed with a higher quality standard than today’s cabinets made of particleboard but lacked a contemporary feel. It is more cost-effective to use cabinet refinishing and cabinet painting Calgary services and turn your dated interiors into something beautiful and trendy.

Before After

Lacquer Paint vs. Enamel/Alkyd Architectural Paint?

Lacquer Paint

Lacquer is a clear or pigmented coating that, when dried, produces a solid, durable finish. It is designed to be chip-resistant, waterproof, and breathable. A spraying machine and controlled ventilation are absolute necessities. Lacquer is very tough. It lasts longer than any of its competitors without chipping and flaking off. Commonly used, Alkyd/Enamel “Cabinet Paint,” sold at local hardware or paint stores, is thicker and can absorb moisture on the surface, causing the paint to soften over time.

Lacquer is much more flexible and can adapt to the expanding and contracting of wood surfaces.

See the image below of our client’s kitchen cabinets where the Alkyd/Enamel “cabinet paint” was used. Alkyd/Enamel Paint has absorbed moisture and heat from the appliances, causing it to soften and peel around the handle area just after a few months of use.

Lacquer Paint vs Architectural Paint

Architectural Paint

Most of our competitors use water-based architectural Alkyd/Enamel paints designed for doors, trim, and walls. Unfortunately, these coatings don’t meet the KCMA guidelines and don’t have the moisture or heat resistance and needed durability in a kitchen or bathroom. Cabinet Painter Calgary’s industrial lacquers provide a superior look and feel, with the added benefit of providing outstanding durability.

Calgary Cabinet Painters Use Higher Quality Industrial Lacquer!

Calgary Cabinet Painters Use Higher Quality Industrial Lacquer!

Following a three year period of research and development, Cabinet Painters Calgary, created an expert Cabinet Refinishing system.Our industrial lacquer has zero hazardous pollutants, contains no formaldehyde, is non-flammable and conforms to the strictest health-based program requirements (LEED & Green Seal).

Lacquer (paint) was first developed in the 50s for automobile and furniture use. Today this product is still used by professional cabinet and furniture manufacturers due to its hardness, durability, and fast-drying formula. It is also approved by KCMA (Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturers Association), which is how we can back up our finishing work with a 2-Year warranty!


What People Say About Our Cabinet Painting Calgary Services

As a Calgary-based Cabinet Painting Company and a team of homeowners, we understand how expensive renovations can be. That is why we offer our services at one of the most affordable rates in Calgary. In addition, our Calgary Kitchen Cabinet Painting team is friendly, honest, and hardworking.

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