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Kitchen Sink Installation Done Right In Calgary

Choose Cabinet Painters Calgary For Your Sink Repairs Or New Kitchen Sinks Installation In Calgary!

They might not win the award for the prettiest design elements. Still, kitchen sinks and faucets are integral to a culinary space and deserve thoughtful consideration before purchasing. After all, is there any other area in the kitchen that sees more activity than the sink? Like washing hands, washing dishes, filling pots, emptying pots … etc. Ofcourse, you don’t want to spend a hefty amount on unending sink repairs too. There are MANY types of sinks and faucets available in various styles, materials, configurations, and price points.

Choose Your Calgary Kitchen Sinks Wisely

When selecting these two unyielding features, be realistic about your cooking space and work with what you’ve got. For example, will your sink play a starring role in a chef’s kitchen? Or is yours more of a petite space that will get limited use? It’s likely not a good idea to install a small single-bowl sink in a large kitchen because the proportions will be unrealistic, and it might not be able to handle the workload.

Kitchen Sinks & Faucets

Make A Wise Decision And Choose Our Kitchen Sink Installation Services!

Why Choose Cabinet Painters Calgary For Your Faucet And Sink Repairs And Installation?

Our clients often have too many choices when choosing kitchen sinks and faucets.

Cabinet Painters Calgary can guide you through this process to help you choose the type of sink and faucet that will fit your style and purpose.

Below are the typical kitchen sink choices in popularity order, matched with a faucet style.

1. Under-mount kitchen sinks

An under-mount kitchen sink creates a seamless, contemporary look in the workspace. A popular choice is a modern, single-hole kitchen faucet with a pull-out spray.

2. Apron-front or farmhouse-style sink

An old-fashioned-looking faucet can complete the package nicely. A “bridge”-style kitchen faucet with exposed piping and separate hot and cold-water levers can be a great choice.

3. Drop-in or deck-mount kitchen sinks

The faucets on the drop-in kitchen sink usually mount right on the sink and are pre-drilled for easier installation.

Faucet and Sink FAQ

It will depend on the type of sink and faucet you want to install and whether it is a sink repair or a new kitchen sink installation. Call Cabinet Painters Calgary to get a quote.

If you want a new kitchen faucet installation, removing the old one will take minimal time, and installing a new one will take anywhere between thirty minutes to one hour.

Kitchen sinks and faucets can last for more than a decade if you don’t prolong the minor sink repairs.