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Custom Cabinet And Shelving Painting Done With Perfection In Calgary

Custom Cabinet Painting

Cabinet and shelving painting can transform the look of your entire room. Whether your wall unit is filled with hardcover volumes or used as a spot to display collections or artwork, a bookshelf is always the most exciting spot in a room. But why let its contents get all the attention? Your bookcase should be just as captivating as the items it displays. Transforming your staid storage unit is as easy as a new coat of paint. Both freestanding and built-in bookcases can benefit from a fresh coat of paint.

Top-Notch Custom Shelving Painting In Calgary

Cabinet Painters Calgary has painted hundreds of custom cabinet and shelving units in Calgary over the years. All of the high-grade professional equipment we use is designed to bring your wall unit back to life. Because of their sheer size, built-in bookcases make a natural focal point in a room. Why not take advantage of that fact and treat your bookshelves to a colourful makeover? A fresh coat of paint, whether bold or subtle, all over or as an accent, can completely change the look of your shelving and your entire room.

Benefits of Custom Cabinet and Shelving Painting

A bookshelf is always fascinating, regardless of whether your wall unit is stocked with hardcover books or used to display collections or artwork. But why draw all the emphasis to its contents? You want your bookcase to be as attractive as the things it holds. Fortunately, changing your dull storage space only requires a fresh coat of paint. Built-in and freestanding bookcases might both use a fresh coat of paint.

You Make Substantial Financial Savings

With custom cabinet painting, the expenses are significantly lower than replacing the cabinets.

Custom cabinet painting takes a long time since hinges must be removed, and cabinet doors, drawers, and hardware must be removed and replaced. Therefore, labor costs will often total quadruple digits, whereas those paint cans only cost experienced painters double or treble digits.

You Might Alter Another Item

Naturally, if you save money by custom shelving painting, you get to spend more elsewhere in your home remodeling budget, and that’s always a benefit.

Bright Backing

A custom cabinet, such as a bookshelf back, can be painted to give it a modern, fresh aesthetic that instantly enlightens the space. Painting your custom cabinets gives a new colour and instantly improves the appearance of your room.

Control Over Colour

Having complete control over your colour and style decisions is another advantage. You desire warm white cabinets. You get it. How about fashionable gray uppers with dark green bottoms? That seems like a good plan, right?

Custom cabinet painting is best if you adore your furniture in the living room, library, or any other place. All you need to upgrade the look and feel of your cabinets is to hire custom cabinet painting in Calgary today.

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  • Less material costs
  • Less labour costs
  • More affordable than replacing
  • Shorter turn-around time


  • No demolition or deconstruction
  • You will still have full access to your kitchen during the process


  • Extremely durable
  • Sprayed finishes achieve a factory finish look
  • Cabinets look and feel like new


  • No harmful odours
  • Low VOC materials keep your family and pets safe
  • Utilizing and repainting your existing cabinets is great for the environment!