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Enjoy The Best Bathroom & Laundry Cabinet Painting In Calgary

Bathroom cabinet Painting

Bathroom cabinets are splash-prone items and they can retain moisture for long periods of time. They can also harbour mold, mildew, and bacteria, especially if the bathroom doesn’t have proper ventilation. Bathroom cabinet painting In Calgary can prevent/treat these issues in a cost-effective manner.

Transform Your Bathrooms With Bathroom Cabinet Painting In Calgary

Bathroom cabinet Painting

Bathroom and laundry cabinet ends swelling due to water absorption, which we have seen more in bathrooms than in kitchens. Cabinet Painters Calgary uses industrial coatings, moisture, and mildew-resistant lacquers specifically designed for kitchen and bathroom cabinetry. We provide a 2-Years warranty on all our paint products against cracking or peeling.

If your own private retreat has old and outdated bathroom cabinets, imagine how great your bathroom will look when painted just like new! We can take your old and outdated cabinets and apply gorgeous solid colour paint to transform your cabinets into a fresh modern style.

We Are Experts In Bathroom, And Laundry Cabinet Painting

Cabinet Painters Calgary’s team regularly transforms bathroom cabinets, and our methods ensure high-quality durable results. This gives us the experience to offer you an unmatched level of workmanship. Not only that, but we can provide you with thousands of hours of experience to make sure your bathroom and laundry cabinet painting service is a success. We can make your old bathroom cabinets look modern and like new again.

Benefits Of Bathroom And Laundry Cabinet Painting

Do your laundry room’s dark, dirty cabinets give you the willies? Even if you’re probably not enjoying the inside, you still deserve a smile while you wait for the spin cycle to complete.

What about the bathroom? Do you get the impression that it’s neat, up-to-date, and pleasant, or have you traveled back a few decades?

Why Do You Need Bathroom Cabinet Painting?

Bathroom cabinets can retain moisture for a long time as they are prone to spillage. Additionally, they could serve as a haven for bacteria, mold, and mildew, notably if the bathroom has little ventilation. If you’re ready to update the cabinets in your bathroom or laundry room, a new coat of paint can transform the look of the space.

The Gain In Home Value

Your home will gain a lot of value from a bathroom remodel, but a complete overhaul is expensive. The ambiance can be dramatically altered by bathroom cabinet painting.

Light On Your Wallet

When it comes to updating your bathroom or laundry room, professional cabinet painting is significantly less expensive than rebuilding or replacing the cabinets. Replacing the cabinets takes a long time and is pretty expensive. Laundry cabinet painting frees you from utilizing the downstairs half-bath or taking your clothing to the laundromat for weeks.

Bathroom Cabinet Painting Calgary

The good news is that you can achieve your ideal new design without going for a complete renovation. We bring talent for bathroom cabinet Painting in Calgary at an affordable price while ensuring quality.

Cabinet Painters Calgary is ready to address your bathroom and laundry cabinet painting, refinishing, and remodelling needs. Call us Today!




  • Less material costs
  • Less labour costs
  • More affordable than replacing
  • Shorter turn-around time


  • No demolition or deconstruction
  • You will still have full access to your kitchen during the process


  • Extremely durable
  • Sprayed finishes achieve a factory finish look
  • Cabinets look and feel like new


  • No harmful odours
  • Low VOC materials keep your family and pets safe
  • Utilizing and repainting your existing cabinets is great for the environment!